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Throughout the past years I’ve made it my life purpose to provide people with ideal and personalized Vacation plans, because all of us want to feel special during this limited free time of the year!
And what’s a better way to guarantee an unforgettable holiday trip than to secure first and foremost the excellence of the suggested accommodation and travel experience?

Driven by my passion for traveling and using my educational background (International Hospitality Management studies at G.I.H.E in Switzerland) and my work experience within big international Hotel brands, it didn’t take me long to spot the gap in the Hospitality market in Pieria, Greece. There was no marketplace to combine Holiday Accommodation with Customized Travel services as well as Hospitality Management services and this is how the idea for ''Olympia Loft Hospitality Services'' was born!

''Olympia Loft Hospitality Services'' is a marketplace for Holiday Rentals and Holiday Real Estate, as well as Customized Travel Services, in Pieria Greece that focuses on individual travelers' needs. We also offer Hospitality Management, Marketing & Sales Solutions for Professionals and Individuals who want to focus on the niche travel market and stay alert with all the upcoming hospitality trends.

Elli Paschalidou
Hospitality Marketing & Sales Promoter
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